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about us

Fonex Kozmetik, by producing at international standards, offers products for the personal care, hair care, hair styling and electronic hairdressing equipment needs of its consumers and professional users, with its more than 15 registered and distributed international brands in the domestic market and in 50 countries, It is a cosmetics brand that adopts R&D investments, production technology, continuous innovation philosophy and customer-oriented thinking, aims to develop healthier and functional products and services today and in the future, and operates with 100% Turkish capital.


Our History


The foundations of Fonex were laid in 1962. First of all, “razor” was produced. Razor production and sales started in Karaköy and Eminönü ports. İtimat Kozmetik A.Ş was established in 1982 in order to manufacture and import hardware materials needed by male barbers. In 1995, the Fonex Brand was registered and the first foundations of the production of cosmetic products were laid. Since 2000, Men's Hairdresser cosmetics began to be produced in Fonex branded products. In 2002, the first export of cosmetic products was made.

In the following years, personal care, hair care, styling and personal cleaning products started to be produced in line with the developing needs in the channels addressed. Today, it continues on its way as a cosmetics manufacturer that has a wide range of products, provides full service to consumers and professionals with the products it has developed, and exports to 50 countries. It also maintains its leading position in this market by importing hairdressing machinery and equipment. In the coming years, it will move to a production facility with a total area of 28,000 m2 in Gebze OSB.

Vision - Mission -Our Values

Our vision is to contribute to the happiness of our country and our employees by creating cosmetic brands at the international level and to be a family that we will be proud of our achievements.

Our mission is to continuously increase the competitive position of Fonex cosmetics brands at home and abroad and to keep its innovative approach fresh at all times.

Our values are to be respectful and sensitive to people and the environment, and to be customer-oriented, with an experienced, creative, innovative and professional management approach, by adopting that quality is an indispensable element since the day it was founded.

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Human Resources


Fonex Kozmetik prioritizes employee productivity and happiness, supports personal development with the trainings and seminars it provides, attaches importance to improving the characteristics and abilities of its employees with career planning programs, and adopts the philosophy of placing the awareness of being a team with the social events and organizations it organizes.

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